General Terms and Conditions

By signing up, you must be a U.S. resident and own the cellular device or have consent from the phone's account owner. By registering to use MyUsage, you represent that you are either at least 13 years old or you have a parent or guardian's permission to register and use MyUsage. Unintended parties may receive Messages sent from MyUsage. MyUsage is not responsible for messages that are lost or misdirected. Your telephone number and message content may be intercepted by third parties without your or MyUsage's knowledge or permission. MyUsage is not responsible for information sent from MyUsage. The SMS Service of provides you with the ability to receive and request information about your utility service from our short code of 77407 via SMS. Message and Data Rates May Apply.

How to Opt-out of the SMS Service: To opt-out from our SMS service, you can text STOP into 77407 from your mobile phone and we will unsubscribe you from our SMS text messaging service immediately. You will not receive any additional messages until you re-register on our website.

How to get help or support: To get help, email us at, or call our toll free number at 800-511-1554 or 972-852-2722. From your mobile phone, you may request our contact information at any time by texting HELP into 77407.

MyUsage Payments

Requirements for Use

MyUsage Payments is offered only to individuals who are authorized to make bill payments with a credit or debit card, checking or savings accounts held at FDIC or equivalent insured United States depository institutions. MyUsage Payments is not offered to minors (under the age of 13). By using the MyUsage Payments, you represent that you meet these requirements. If you do not meet these requirements, you agree to indemnify us for all costs and fees that may be incurred.

Payments and Fees

When we receive a payment instruction from you, you authorize us to follow these instructions to debit or charge your debit/credit card or checking/savings account for the amount of any payment plus any related fees presented to you at the time you initiate the payment instruction, and to remit funds on your behalf to your biller. You understand and agree that a fee may be charged to you to process payments per your instructions and you agree to pay the fees. Any fees will be disclosed to you prior to authorizing the payment transaction. If any Payments are returned to us because of a card chargeback, ECheck return or a refund, you also authorize us to credit your debit/credit card or checking/savings account. We will use good faith efforts to complete your payment instructions correctly. However, we shall not be held liable if we are unable to complete any payment instructions initiated by you because of any one or more of the following: your card issuer does not authorize your payment, an expired debit/credit card, insufficient funds in or incorrect information provided by you for a checking or savings account, if you did not correctly follow our instructions to process a payment, if, after being advised the payment services are not working, you attempt to process a payment, and events beyond our control such as internet service, third party systems, acts of God and other man-made disasters. If none of the above qualifications exist, if we cause an error in the debit or charge your debit/credit card or checking/savings account or deposit the incorrect amount to your biller, our only responsibility to correct the error will be to correct the erroneous charges to your debit/credit card or checking/savings account or to correct the deposit to your biller. If your payment is not processed for any reason, your balance will remain unpaid and you will be subject to any penalties or fees from your biller. This collective obligation to your biller will remain solely your responsibility. Any fees associated with your card and/or bank accounts assessed by your financial institution or card issuer, will continue to apply. These and any fees for accessing these payment services via telephone, mobile device or Internet service will remain your responsibility.

Payment Information Verification

You consent that any information you provide to facilitate a payment, including your debit/credit card or checking/savings account information, may go through a verification and authorization process. You also consent that we may obtain financial information regarding your debit/credit card or checking/savings account from your financial institution as needed to facilitate your payment request.

Stored Cards and Bank Accounts

With proper authentication, the payment system allows you to store card and/or bank account information for use in future payment transactions. If you choose to store card or bank account information, you authorize us to store these accounts on our system for future use for payment transactions. The initial card or bank account that you add to the 1) Online payment page (where "remember this payment method" box is checked), 2) Auto Pay page or 3) Auto Recharge page will become the default payment method. Subsequent card or bank accounts added will be available to designate as the default if elected. For any card or bank account information you store on our system, you agree to maintain the accuracy of this information. If your card or bank account number changes or your card expiration date changes, you agree to make these updates on our system. Any successful updates made by you will be available for use with future payment transactions on the Online payment page, Auto Pay or Auto Recharge methods.

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